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WYN Talks:

What's Going On?

with Victor Blackwell

Victor Blackwell is a correspondent and
anchor of the weekend editions of New Day
and CNN Newsroom based in the network's
global headquarters in Atlanta. In this session,
our founder, Dr. EW Walton will solicit Mr.
Blackwell’s insight regarding leadership in the
media industry and the implications on black
leaders over the next 7 years.

WYN™ Talks:

What's Going On?

with Bakari Sellers

This session promises a candid discussion about topics such as the climate of today’s America, unconscious bias, and business opportunity. Listen in on a one-on-one with Bakari Sellers, then flow into a town hall discussion on the state of Black leadership with the nation’s premier leaders. Let’s turn up the dial on the examination of how to transform the narrative into a winning scenario.